Hiking in Bledisloe Park

Yesterday morning I went for a hike through Bledisloe Park, near campus.  The path (or “track”, as it’s called here) took me through all sorts of landscapes: huge pine forests, grasslands, and pastures.  You’ll see that the area surrounding the city is mostly agricultural, and home to many flocks of sheep and herds of dairy cows.  Click the thumbnails to see larger pictures!


One thought on “Hiking in Bledisloe Park

  1. Hi Anna –
    It’s your cousin Matt. I hope you’re having fun in New Zealand. In your video, I really liked the All Blacks pre-match haka! It really creeped out my Mom. If I did that before my next soccer match – I think the other team would really be scared by my team! Keep on writing your blog because I like it!


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