in the words of the Grateful Dead…

…what a long, strange trip it’s been.

Well, mostly just long.  Not really that strange.  And certainly not a “trip” in…well, in the Dead sense of things.  But I’m here!  In New Zealand!

I set out on Monday, three bags of in tow, and boarded a flight from Minneapolis to Los Angeles.  After arriving and spending a few hours at LAX, I took the red-eye from L.A. to Auckland.  It was a twelve-hour flight, not as bad as I thought it would be–but as someone who hasn’t been blessed with the ability to sleep on planes, it wasn’t so fun, either.  Disembarking at 5 am on Wednesday morning (crossing the International Date Line pushes you ahead a day), I then connected to my last flight: a tiny ATR bound for Palmerston North.  Altogether, it took me twenty-two hours to fly a total of 8,292 miles.

Arriving at Massey didn’t go quite as planned–a misunderstanding on my part lead me on a lengthy hike across campus, which wasn’t optimal considering my eighty-odd pounds of luggage.  But, as they would say here: I got it sorted, and can now claim a room and bed as my own.

So far, I couldn’t really claim any impressions of this new country.  I think what first came to mind flying in was “Iowa with more trees”.  It’s warm, if nothing else…putting on sandals again feels amazing!  I’ve already been confused by a Kiwi accent and seen many sheep, so I guess I’m headed in the right direction.  I’ll spend the next few days wandering around campus, learning the bus system (hopefully), and sleeping lots (probably).  It’s noon here now, so I’m going to go grab some lunch and resist the overwhelming urge to nap.  Until next time…


4 thoughts on “in the words of the Grateful Dead…

  1. Anna,
    I have enjoyed your blog so far, what a great adventure for you! Of course we will check it most frequently for your updates! So very proud of you and this experience you’ve undertaken. I think you are very wise leaving this country in the winter months, BRrRRR here. Enjoy all of it and can’t wait to see more of your pictures too.
    Love you, Aunt Jeri


  2. Hi Anna, I sent you an email, but after reading your blog most of my questions were answered.. When you are settled/have time, please send me your new snail mail address. Sounds like a grueling trip, which surely left you exhausted. Would it better for me to just leave comments on your blog or will you be looking at your email account..


  3. I love you anna. New Zealand sounds great. Hoping thing warm up here. I wish we could come and visit you out there. I loved the photo with the caption about the cows. Keep on posting the blog loving it.
    Your cousin-will


  4. Hi Anna, I’m a friend of your grandmother’s, and after reading your blog say “Go girl”, it’s terrific! Plus I just started reading “Wild” today. So now look forward to reading more of your adventures. Great job and photos super.


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