hold on, I think it just got real–

On this day in two weeks, I will be waking up in New Zealand for the first time.  I don’t know if my bed will be comfortable, or what clothes I’ll put on, or where I’ll eat breakfast–but it will be the first morning I’ll spend living in a new country.

Yeah, it’s weird to think about.

This week, I returned from my final visit to Ames, having given a true Minnesotan (read: drawn-out) goodbye to the city and all my friends living in it.  It left me excited for next year, and more than a little sad I won’t be spending the spring at Iowa State.  I’ll miss my teammates on Woman Scorned–seven of whom are graduating–and the hard work that comes from chasing a trip to the national tournament.  I’ll miss watching Cyclone Basketball and yelling at the tv after McKay dunks.  I’ll miss getting coffee on Saturday mornings, and springtime on campus.

But I’ll be back in just a few months, and I’m sure some of my favorite things about school here will be apparent there as well.  Maybe I’ll be cheering for Massey’s rugby club, or throwing a frisbee with new teammates.  Maybe I’ll find a new favorite coffee shop.  Maybe fall in New Zealand will be just as beautiful as it is in Minnesota.  And maybe–hopefully–I’ll meet people with which to experience all of it.

In the interim, I’m finishing up the last of my preparations: the travel essentials are purchased, the visa is complete, and the money is transferred.  I’m spending next week skiing in Utah (hello, Park City!) which leaves next weekend for the craziness that is packing for five months abroad.  Yikes.

Wish me luck…I’ll need it.


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